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Practicing some stalls
: Nice, Al. I,too like the kneepad stall & dislike the across the park shots....but I understand editing nightmares.

Just thought I'd try out a few angles. As i didn't have anyone to film it was a case of aiming the camera in a direction and trying to stall on a part of the coping i kinda thought was in the frame. I too don't like how the across park shots came out, least i know now what angles work.

The kneepad stall is one im gonna work to really build on, modify it by maybe bringing the knee leg up and doing boot grabs, tweaking it and eventually using it in grinds like the spaniards :P

Not gonna start airing til i finish working on all the technical stuff i wanna learn/improve on.

Appreciate all the help you guys give.

On a side note, watched the Dogtown and Zboys documentary the other day. Interesting stuff, especially the part about them cutting up old rollerskates to make skateboards when they weren't readily available. Looks like the trucks on the other foot now, as its us doing the same to skateboards now xD

Appreciate you guys helping me out
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