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bnwsk88 (pictures by bnwsk88)
I will try to answer your questions.
I understand the concerns about cost, reducing the machine time is about the only way at this point to bring the cost down. The molds are incredibly expensive and that is why I'm just trying to cut custom ones for the moment.
The one piece design with integrated base plates really helps with the strength of the plate from end to end. All of my previous plates would bend or break in the middle from Body Jars and these have not, not in 8 yrs. This also allows for a lower center of gravity by eliminating the extra thickness of the separate base plate.
I weighed my entire skate with full-tracks and 62mm wheels and it came in at 4lbs 8.7oz. The plate itself weighed in at 1lb 2oz. They should get lighter on the next run because I am sure we can get rid of some unneeded material under the sliders and toe region.
These plates are an exact match for Trackers Mid, Full, Ex and Six Track trucks. The geometry for the pivots and king pin was laser scanned from a tracker base plate. It may be possible to mount other trucks I just have not tried it.
I love the questions....send me more.
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