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joe90 (videos by joe90) (pictures by joe90)
You on fulltracks now Brian?I think a lot of the current truck geo is based closer to Indy specs so you may strugle to fit other hangers(pinion angle).I recon trackers a much nicer truck anyway,was always my choice till I saw the grindking minis,strong,light,inverted and low kingpin and nicely rounded front of baseplate for clean toe/heel fit.They handle realy nice too.I'd like em in a 3.75 or 4" hanger instead of 4.25 though.
Anyhoo if I come into money any time soon I'll buy a set as even though I like my current plates and am very impressed with the different aproaches you see on here,every design is ultimately heading towards these plates,,they exite me.
cheers joe
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