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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Been Skating ALOT...
in preparation for the skatepark tour. Only 3 weeks now & I want to be in Top Shape for 5 nights of skating & craziness.
Anyway, I skated 2 times this weekend (a Holiday for us in the States) & although the skating was AWESOME & there were more people skating than usual (& all 30 years old +!) I really didn't film much. I was too busy skating. But I did get some footage & threw it into a JayTV movie.
Here's the link to the Thread on RollerSkate World:

You'll probably have to scroll to bottom of page (or near bottom if there's newer content by time you check which is likely) & see latest video. There are actually several videos on that thread. From Biff (my mega-poster! Thanks,Biff!), Vertic_Al, myself, Irene.....& I await new content from all of you quad kids.
Anyway, hope everyone is well & skating often. I'm READY for RollerCon & the skatepark tour. Just 3 weeks now! You guys will probably hear me hooting & hollering all over the Globe come wed July 28th!
Look forward to hearing from you all & hearing who's skating what & where!
PEACE from Sin City!
BTW, captcha is "photo from" ! I'll expect
a captcha...I mean photo (or video!) from
you all soon! PEACE!

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