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Been Skating ALOT...
So last night I decided to cut the knot and join gravity today. But I just can't seem to find a properly working "Join button/link". The "learn more" link triggers the providers' family filter(damn you, solcon!) for terms they probably use in the disclaimer for what's NOT on the site.

Either I write a e-mail to the provider showing the epic fail there and ask them to put on a whitelist, or I ask one of you guys to make me an account, telling me the password by e-mail or any other means, and then I change it.
Or perhaps someone shows me a link taking me to a register form.

One thing's for sure, I'll never take filtered internet, later on. Can you imagine all the innocent youtube videos blocked for a single instance of "fuck" in the comments? Yes, it's that sensitive, paranoid and stupid.
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