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lee e (pictures by lee e)
Side-stance questions?

you mean some poeple can actually tell whats going on w their feet- other than trying like hell nt to slam hard??!?

ok ok maybe my backfoot(right) gets more work.

front side is an intersting question
regular stance my back foot(right) doesnt want to get w the program --
goofy foot (r foot forward) my front sides are easier - I just suck at goofy.

i find if you put weight on frt foot - you have a chance to slam more


: Side-stance rollers, I've got a few questions for y'all to ponder...
: While pumping transition:
: 1. Which foot does more work? Front/Back
: 2. Do you transfer weight from one foot to the other?
: 3. Do you transfer weight to different wheels on your skates?
: 4. Any difference backside or frontside?
: 5. Any goofy side-stance rollers? (right foot leads)
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