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Side-stance questions?
: Side-stance rollers, I've got a few questions for y'all to ponder...
: While pumping transition:
: 1. Which foot does more work? Front/Back

A: it depends if I am going up or down the transition

: 2. Do you transfer weight from one foot to the other?

A: Yes, going up the wall I lean more on the front foot, as I reach the top it switches to the back foot(going backside) frontside is the same until I hit the lip, then I tend to hit the front foot harder

: 3. Do you transfer weight to different wheels on your skates?

A: Yes, at the lip most of the weight seems to be on the heel of the front foot and toe of the back foot, unless it is something special like a nose grind.

: 4. Any difference backside or frontside?

A: Yes, frontside it is more likely that I am taking off from the front foot. I have paid attention to this because when I am skateboarding and going frontside (airs, grinds) it is more comman to push through with the back foot and it feels good. I have not been able to emulate that feeling on my skates going frontside like I can going backside.

: 5. Any goofy side-stance rollers? (right foot leads)

A: not me but I do try to ride "switch" some times, it started with tricks to fackie and from fackie but now I try to link them together and learn the basic going backwards

Thanks Irene for the questions.... good stuff, Brian

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