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Brushy Creek Skate Park
: Wow! You impressed me with that stall on the fence. As did the rest of the vid.
: We used to have "volcanoes" at the Zuiderpark, too, before they renovated it. They had their own charm, being higher, steeper and narrow.
: Good job!

My goal is to get that stall down to the point where I can hit the top of that fence, instead of the middle rung. The one you saw on film, was actually my worst stall that night. I clipped the coping on the way back in and just barely recovered in time!

Yeah, that volcano is really low, but I think it works really well, for the average skateboarder, as a good contributing obstacle in the street course. I hope to get a 360 air over it soon.

The Round Rock skate park has a taller volcano, but it does not have the crater on top like this one. It is like a milk saucer for a cat on top of the volcano. It can come in handy for pumping.
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