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biffsk8er (videos by biffsk8er) (pictures by biffsk8er)
Brushy Creek Skate Park
: Nice! I think ur getting smoother too.

Thank you!!

:That bowl looks amazing! I am wanting to drop in vert now.
: There is this bowl and the drop in is 8 feet with 1 foot
: vert. I want to do it so bad. I guess I have to wait
: another year. I'm worried I'll bail bad. But thinking I
: could sit on the coping and hop in? lol?

Make sure that if you do sit and hop in, keep yourself crouched....knees bent, and relax. Standing up too much will lead to a fall, as will tensing up. Also, remember that your body needs to be perpendicular to the surface that you are on. Too many people try to stand up perpendicular to the ground, instead of perpendicular to the vert wall, and they have their feet go out from underneath them. Above all, make sure you are mentally ready. Have fun!!

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