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Newbie needs skate advice?

I've been skating for a few months now. (I skated as a little kid, but since that was like 12 years ago, I don't know if it counts haha.) I'm so happy to be skating again, I LOVE IT, and I'm ready to try other stuff besides going around in circles at the roller rink.

Some of the girls at the rink have asked me to join their new roller derby league. I've promised that as soon as I get some health insurance I'll give it a try. Looking around on YouTube, I found out about vert skating and it seems a lot more fun to me, since I'm not super into team sports. On the other hand... my physique (at 5'6" and almost 200lbs) is probably more suited to derby. :)

Right now I'm skating on rental inline skates from the rink (their quads are GARBAGE), plus some $3 Rollerblades I bought at Goodwill for outdoor trail skating.

So I want to invest in some nice quads of my own.

Could you guys suggest skates for a beginner who is going to (eventually) try both derby and vert skating?

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