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Newbie needs skate advice?
Hi Kay!
Welcome BACK to rollerskating! :-) has just about EVERY kind of Pre-Fab rollerskate you could ever want. is a derby-owned company & will have probably everything you would want/need to start out. Most of us vert skaters skate completely custom or modified rollerskates that we make and/or modify ourselves. Vert Skating IS More FUN than Derby (in my opinion) but I'm also not much of a team many people will attest.
If you DO start skating in skateparks this is a GREAT resource. Also, I run a "World" on for ALL things Rollerskate & I make lots of Tutorial Videos specifically designed to get novice skaters basic park skills & tricks. Like this one for Spine ramps:

It's all Free just cuz I LOVE vert-rollerskating & exposing new people to it. You can check them ALL out here:
I'm ALWAYS adding new content on there for derby & rookie skatepark skaters.
Get some quads & get out there!
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