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Let's talk artistic skaters
Ok, I had to reach out to my skateboard friends and one of them made a killer design and my shirt is being made. I am so stoked. I personally will have a great shirt, but I would love to have a group shirt. Does anyone have any interest? I could probably ask my friend to do something with the same picture and maybe say something different. Does anyone want a vert rollerskate shirt? Claudine, I know I have mentioned this before, but you are the most talented artist I know. Can you make a World Vertical Rollerskater shirt? Or Bernhard's Skate Forum? I am open to anything and will pay to buy. I prefer a lip trick so we don't know if it is sidestance or parellel. Claudine, can you do it? I will buy and if others will, then Claudine can make money back on her time.
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