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Let's talk artistic skaters
Robert, I already made some images, 3 vert skaters actually which I spent many hours on already and will get to it. I have to make the logo, etc. But right now I cant even afford to buy one myself and things are EXTREMELY stressful for me right now. But I will have more time in late December if you can hold off with a bit of patience. I cant even afford to go to the bowls now and rarely skate because of it and yes that will be my priority as I dont feel the need that I MUST have a shirt right now. Spending 20 hrs of work for $10 isnt worth it for me lol, but I like to do it when I have time/mental energy left over to do so. I'd rather eat and skate. So thats why there is no rush. I would just get a simple logo from your skateboarder buddies since you are in a hurry and then later I will do some, with quality. And right now I am wanting to spend my time doing my sculptures (roller skaters!) and drawings while I have a place to do so and take a break from the impersonal dumb computer stuff.
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