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News from Beule
Joerg Sander writes
A short update.

Beule called me last night, just to have a little chat.
He is doing fine so far, still missing Lady Govy.

The bureaucratic shit takes the time it takes which generally takes fkn long. Holger tries to make the best of it as he always did. He volunteered for a job in the pin, taking the meals from the kitchen to the block, which gives him the opportunity to communicate a bit with others and see a bit more then the walls of his block. Since he knows of the support of all of us thats giving him strength to persevere and he is very grateful for that.

I hereby relay his greetings to all of you.

As of today the donations added up to 2.500euro. We could funnel Holger with some funds that he can buy some stuff in the jail and that he can make phonecalls at home which are very expensive.

There are hoodies, t-shirts and stickers left. donīt hesitate to buy one or just give a donation. As mentioned before this shit is not going to end very soon. Like we say in Germoney "The mills of the law grind very slow" :(

Free Beule. j
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