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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
News from Beule from March 12
There is some news from Jason Shrieves, who has visited Beule:

Hi all-

As some of you know, I am currently in Oz and have visited Beule in the lockup. He is doing alright considering all he is going thru, but we all know he is one tough guy. Just for clarification, Beule is currently "remanded in custody" which means he is charged with a crime, but the trial hasn't convicted him yet. He will be remanded until the trial due to the seriousness of the accused crime and the fact that we aren't able to bail him out (just to put in perspective, it would likely be around $500k-$1 million Aussie dollars for bail - which would get him out until the trial).

In any case, as far as court proceedings go, he is still going through evidence handover - I have attended one court date and will attend another before I leave (thus the photo). The case is much larger than him and in fact involves 5 other people, 4 of which are accused of different crimes and thuse the evidence handover and challenges concern all those involved and 4 different law firms plus the prosecution team- in short, its a big deal that takes a lot of time to go through.

The next big date will be determined after the next court meeting which is called a Commital Hearing, where the lawyers can test the evidence against all accused. This date will likely be in 3-4 months from now and is the next big court appearance and will determine a lot about how things go forward from there and will be the next time that any real information about the case is available.

I have also met with Beule's lawyer to discuss matters and in all seriousness, it would be very beneficial to privately fund the lawyer instead of accept the "legal aid" which he is currently getting. This takes serious cash - around $80.000 Aussie dollars to get through the whole deal - but would guarentee that he is properly represented and all is done to help him in this situation. As you can see, this means that we need to get on with the fund raising if we really want to help our friend. Please support any events which are organized or order more t-shirts or anything possible, so far we have only raised a drop in the bucket.... any ideas or individual efforts to raise money should be considered.

Thats's about all for now - Beule is super stoked on the support everyone has shown and he did get the photos I took from the party in January and was really happy to see them. He told me to tell everyone hello and especially thanks.

Free Beule!
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