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Skating is a pain in the ...
On april 15th the skatepark opens, I just cant afford transportation anymore besides the local kiddie skatepark now. and my sculpture I had sold was stolen so I'm SOL right now. Gas is very expensive right now so I can hardly use my car anymore. But its warming up and YES I will be roller skating soon!! I really missed it this winter.

My tailbone cracked and healed on its own twice and also bruised it a few times. I found out though that my bones never fully fused as a baby, guess I'm lucky my spinal cord was ok as I could have been born paralyzed but they never said I would have problems with this issue or it would be a problem. They just told me it didnt fully fuse. I wear one inch thick pads and a piece of plastic to cover my tailbone since women our pelvis tilts out more also exposing this moreso then men.

Unfortunately they cant put your butt in a cast. I sat with my butt hanging over a phone book or on a donut for over a month for it to heal. I hope not to injure myself as I dont have insurance to cover an orthopedic dr now. I would have to go to the ER and pray for help if something breaks! There isnt anything I can do but pray that Obama and his healthcare for all plan somehow goes through but most people oppose the poor getting healthcare. I am just an artist now. I still want to skate because I still need to live life and be happy somehow as isnt that what life is for, living? I wish you the best! Unfortunately, even with healthcare, drs cant perform miracles. I hope you can figure something out to enjoy skating as much as possible. Keep us (or me) posted. Enjoy whatever you can do because there is no guarantee that tomorrow our health will be there to continue I've learned.
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