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Skating is a pain in the ...
I am very enraged to hear that your sculpture has been stolen! This is really sad.

: My tailbone cracked and healed on its own twice and also bruised it a few times. I found out though that my bones never fully fused as a baby, guess I'm lucky my spinal cord was ok as I could have been born paralyzed but they never said I would have problems with this issue or it would be a problem. They just told me it didnt fully fuse. I wear one inch thick pads and a piece of plastic to cover my tailbone since women our pelvis tilts out more also exposing this moreso then men.

Mine kind of healed, too, back when it happened 25 years ago. But now it has come back to haunt me. Probably a consequence of my knee injury and me limping around asymmetrically. This probably shifted the tailbone a bit and now it it sore.

Ii is so sad that you still have no public health system in the US. I will have to pay the ortho doctor myself, however, since she is not approved by public insurance. But since the people who mended my knee recommended her I hope that she is good at what she is doing.
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