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getting back into it
I have wide skate board trucks (13, on my roller skates. For me with hard wheels, it's really cool for small to big ramp/grinding (I have also tried 88mm trucks), not for flat (or maybe with soft wheels). With some new generation round edges wheels, as the contact area is translated to its inside part, you can reduce a part of the 2 wheels inter distance.
The plus are:
-standard replacement parts (from inline and skateboards!!!).
-no limitation for the wheels diameter,
-so chose the lowest truck version for "lowering" the gravity center.
The minus are:
-maniability in street parks
-price in Europe
-wheel consumption
Feel free to ask me more questions if you need. I have put the dimensions of my setup on

The looks very nice and not so expensive, I think I will try them as soon they have ramp wheels!!!!

Zorg from Paris

: Hi everyone,
: I've been searching for info on rollerskates for quite some time now, as I thought it died when inline boomed big-time. Like a lot of others, I switched to inline at the time.
: I haven't been skating for over six years now, but want to get back into it. I'm looking for some info on making your own skates, since I think I'll enjoy it more knowing I worked on them.
: I'd build them mainly for skatepark stuff, not verts in particular.
: I already went through the site, printing out most of the info on how to make skates, but I am kinda having trouble with the skateboard-trucks.
: I live in Europe, and fortunatly I can order from YOYO-skates. I got most of the other things down, and since I have a friend working in a metal-processing company, I might be able to get some parts and cutting done for me.
: About the trucks, is it possible to use regular skateboard trucks? wouldn't those be too wide, and if so, can they be modified and how? Also, the trucks shown on, which I have read a few things about on this site, what makes them more suitable for the job than other trucks?
: sorry for the long post,
: greets from Belgium
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