Vertical Rollerskating


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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
getting back into it

There are lots of different concepts and
variations, it all depends on what you want.

Perhaps Rollergirl's vert skates would be an
option for you? They seem to be quite useful and

If you want even stronger hangers (which last
longer for grinding etc) you could use skateboard
trucks. Tim for example uses Sure-Grip frames with
Independent hangers where the diameter of the
pivot has been reduced.

If you don't want to do that you still have lots
of options:

Generally you could use any skateboard truck. If
you want narrow ones (especially useful if you
skate parallel), check this table:

The narrowest (generally available) skateboard
trucks I know of are the Tracker MidTracks. You
could ask for them at your local skateboard shop,
or you could ask Yoyo.

To mount the trucks people use metal plates,
cut-off skis, or cut-off skateboards, for example.
Here are some examples (plus links to

I'm using wooden boards, and am working on a site
featuring improved boards and a basic recipe.


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