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new sliders
: the space between the wheels and sliders are fine as my last set never had a problem and i'm doing the same placement of the sliders from trucks/wheels. and i've skated on this design for years. i'm just wondering if i should have that notch or leave it flat. i am lowering the height 2 mm in case i ever wear down my trucks. otherwise i'm cutting the insides now.

I personally like the notches for the purpose of 'locking-on' to rails and coping, as agro inliners do. I also think your very shallow notch is a very good way to try it out and see if it is right for you, too.

I do notice that most skaters have flat sliders. I tried flat sliders at one time, but I found that they make it hard, in certain situations, to control the slide/grind.

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