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: : Reminds me of how I was cutting pieces of rubber from the sole to make room for some nuts last year. The duller the knife, the more dangerous it is. I've still got that scar on my hand, and it'll stay for the time being. I hope that I'll never forget how I got it.
: Seems like we all have our skating-related injuries. I can remember breaking my hand, hitting my shin resulting in imflamated bone skin, (probably) breaking a rib, breaking my tail bone and lots of scars and bruised. Of course, also bruises from building but I think at least nothing as bad like your injury! I hope it doesn't cause you any trouble!

Luckily, it's not that big, but it was deep for sure. It bled more than my average wounds. It's nothing but a scar now, though. Nothing to worry about. Makes you think about what we do to our bodies though.
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