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: good to see that you made it to the Lake of Constance. If you are still there, you should absolutely meet Alex. He will be back in Kreuzlingen on Sunday and I'll text you his phone number.

Unfortunately, the text didn't arrive well. It says something along the lines of "wrong data format." Can you mail it to me instead?

: I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was nice meeting you and a bit sad that we did not get to skate. I hope you will be able to skate again soon.

Perhaps we could meet again some day, rendez-vous in Karlsruhe or something along those lines.
I wanted to go skate again, but the bike my host gave me had a flat tire, so that was a sign to me to give my knee another day of rest. I took care of it, though, and I plan to skate the Wolmattingen bowl tomorrow. Wish me luck!

: How did the hike from Freiburg to Konstanz go? Did you find some new knee pads there?

It went really well, someone recognized me as a hitchhiker and picked me up even before I stood at the spot to hold my sign up. He dropped me off at Falkensteig, where I got a ride to Meersburg. The guy told me the ferry to Konstanz there was cheap, and yeah, that 2,70 was worth it to ride across the lake.
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell about the pads. I went to frontline there and bought me a pair of pro-tec's. They were out of 187's, but the pro-tec's seemed like they would do the trick. I hope they will protect my knee well enough, tomorrow.
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