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: I went up the Kamdel once more, but the second time I went with the bicycle. It looked so much easier with the motobike and I definitely wasn't in shape for this ride, but I didn't give up. :-)

That's great!
The rest of my trip went quite turbulently until now. I decided to head for Belgium to relax and visit the family in Liege, not needing to stress about finding a place to stay for a bit. I may visit the snakerun here. I wonder if there's a vert in the area, so I can finally ride one of those for the first time, if the weather allows it...
One thing I've learnt about couch surfing now, is that you need to plan and send messages at least one week ahead. And my trip was too random.
I did manage to get two sessions in St Gallen. The oldschool pool there was great! Luxembourg, Schifflange got me scared of those things now, but this one was a bit more friendly. The modern bowl was fun, transferring over the spines gave me confidence and letting my wheels screech on the wallride was fun.

An observation about scooters I've made, is that it's gotten real serious in the course of past couple of years. More and more kids started dropping in and I've seen a couple of scooterkiddies busting huge airs, both in Luxembourg and in St Gallen.

I've also been in Bregenz for one night and my host was as friendly to drive me to the bowl in Hard. That. Thing. Is. Huge.
But the weather sucked and I didn't find a place to stay for longer than one night. The whole adventure had made me tired so instead of picking the easy hitchhiking route to Munich and not being sure about finding a place to stay, I picked the hard hitchhiking route to Strasbourg, where I would stay at a friend of mine, a previous housemate.
I left Bregenz too late, around four o'clock. I got dropped off between Rhinau(some tiny village south of France) and Strasbourg. There was a bowling alley that was still open. If I would have been an hour earlier I could've easily gotten a ride, but the four people that were left were locals, not going far. I ended up sleeping with the sky as my ceiling for the first time, on a tree trunk along the road just four kilometers away from the outer edge of Stras and I already walked six. It was just too much to walk, especially after having come across a sign saying it was 21 km and not knowing where I was exactly.
Ironic, isn't it, considering I'd chosen the path of easy shelter.
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