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Alphen aan den Vert

Turns out the vert in the nearby town of Alphen aan de Rijn is at a 12,5 km bike ride from here, but considering the fact I probably won't want to spend my energy carrying six kilos of skates (excluding gear and water) that far, then take it back after a session, I probably won't be doing that.

I'd rather repeat what I did last thursday and just go by train. And I must say - I loved it there!
No annoying kids, no people taking their soccer balls there, the people on the ramps were there to skate. The atmosphere was great!

It also had a quite interesting dynamic, considering how the locals grow their skills there. It was a park with a mini smaller than myself, perhaps 1,2m height and a street course with banks, quarters and rails. If the locals wanted to ride something bigger than in that course they had no choice but to go ride the vert.

As for the dimensions of the vert, I've got no idea so far. It seemed higher than the one in Boutroux, but that might be an illusion because it was more narrow than Boutroux. Or it's a psychological effect. When I asked locals about the height I couldn't get a clear answer. The answers ranged from three to four metres, so next time I go there I'll take a tape measure to be sure about the height and width.

Just like in Boutroux, I started out only doing sit-ins before doing backside stalls in order to gather courage and confidence before dropping in standing. Things like inverts, fakie airs to fakie and all the slider-only stalls went fine right away.

By the way, I've had a digital surprise for you since august, Bernhard. The stupid thing is that when I typed up the draft in gmail, it just vanished one day and I wasn't motivated to retype everything. But now that I've mentioned it publically, I should at least send you the pics for putting the bowl in Leiden on the spot list of

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