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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Alphen aan den Vert
: Heyhey,
: Turns out the vert in the nearby town of Alphen aan de Rijn is at a 12,5 km bike ride from here, but considering the fact I probably won't want to spend my energy carrying six kilos of skates (excluding gear and water) that far, then take it back after a session, I probably won't be doing that.

Ah, come on! When I was your age, I used to cover this distance to our vert ramp (R.I.P.) in the Mösle park on my street skates, carrying my vert equipment! ;)

But it sounds like a good place to be!

: By the way, I've had a digital surprise for you since august, Bernhard. The stupid thing is that when I typed up the draft in gmail, it just vanished one day and I wasn't motivated to retype everything. But now that I've mentioned it publically, I should at least send you the pics for putting the bowl in Leiden on the spot list of

I'm looking forward to this!
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