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dZION (pictures by dZION)
thx (finally made a pair of skates)
I finally got around making skates.

I cut a skate in half and made some baseplates out of it. Then mounted trucks (standard size skateboarding trucks) and hockey-boots and put it all together.

I now just need to make some grind-plates and I'm done.

I used to rollerblade a couple of years back and decided I need to sport more. At first I thought about rollerblading but remembering how I used to love quads more than inline I decided to make a pair.

All I can say is that it is more fun than I remembered it to be. I now only need to get some of that courage back I used to have as a kid and I'm set to go.

Thx for the site you guys, it helped a lot in the construction of my rollerskates.
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