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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
thx (finally made a pair of skates)
: I finally got around making skates.

Congratulations and welcome to a very exclusive bunch of people! ;-)

: All I can say is that it is more fun than I remembered it to be.

It always the same with me: After a long skating pause I enjoy the feeling of being on skates so much that I'm almost flying.

: I now only need to get some of that courage back I used to have as a kid and I'm set to go.

All the best! And don't get yourself killed. Skate careful.

: Thx for the site you guys, it helped a lot in the construction of my rollerskates.

That's the original intention of the site. Maybe you want to make some pics of your skates some day and share them with us?
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