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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
New Wave?
Hi AirBoss!

welcome to this cozy place for roller skaters.

Seems like you've been around for quite some time no. I am not quite sure, however, if you hold the age record in this forum. ;-)

Did you have a look at who has been to Woodward last year? Maybe you will be there this year, too. Or if you are in Germany in August, don't miss out the Hot LaWa event. This is organzied mainly by a vert roller skater and therefore roller skaters (and other vert rippers) are more than welcome.

: I got a job a NIKE North American Distribution, so I purchased a set of their skates for 50.00.

Yeah! Always make sure to have some setup to ride!

: I have been considering some one offs.. designing from the ground up using 3dsmax and a pal that does CNC milling. This way I can make the stuff perfect and lighter and use custom 40 kingpin angles ect.. bla bla bla..

Hm. Sounds interesting. Did you also see the vskates?

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