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Tim (pictures by Tim)
New Wave?
: I see that a lot of people seem to be building these gargantuan setups for their feet.
: Hi, I do because I am used to skiing and have used my skates to make ski boots and now skate like I ski.
: I am old.. 1st of all
: We are old, yes, but I liked skating with all the skaters at the reunion session at Woodward West last Sept. We all seemed to be in good shape.
: I built my 1st vert skates in 1976 or so.
: That's when I looked out the window of my skate shop in Santa Rosa, Ca. and saw an outdoor skater headed for the college. I chased him down and bought my first pair(Oakstreet Hockey Saktes)right then.
: Chicago 6L alumunum footplates over ACS Lites (magnesium) trucks, cloud cushions and double-conical 63mm Kryptonic Blues w german gold bearings. I added a jump bar for 'coping' with things.
: Good luck, everyone has to make their own, it would be nice to be able to buy a nice pair.
: These were extremely light and never failed as I rode my heart out for myself and a Local skateboard team.
: Unfortunately, one of those got 'lost' while doing one of the less-than-glamourous things that happned in those days.
: I then moved to Portland, Or in Jan 1980.
: My cousin soon introduced me to Mark Spooner of Aloha, Or (who had a huge 25' diameter half pipe in his backyard. It was 20 wide, and had 3' of vert on one side.. the other had a full 4' platform and 20' coping with a 'chickenridge' side ramp that extended out another 6'.
: Of course my heart sank as (on vertical) I cannot do much (cept maby a fakey 360 under the coping) when riding a styk. I did get to try a ramp bike while there and before I got home I was determined to rebuild a new set of skates.
: I got a job a NIKE North American Distribution, so I purchased a set of their skates for 50.00.
: They had crap bearings and wheels but that was no problem as they were coming off. The plates where aluminum and had blue suede Nike Blazers hightops on them.
: I could no longer find ACS lites and was (and still am) jonsin, as to overall wieght. I instead choose 2 sets of Mid Trackers. Even using only the hangers, they added signifigant wieght. I bought 4 more 63mm Kryptos and the bearings/cushions for them.
: These, I still use. Living in midwest now near KCMO.
: I have been considering some one offs.. designing from the ground up using 3dsmax and a pal that does CNC milling. This way I can make the stuff perfect and lighter and use custom 40 kingpin angles ect.. bla bla bla..
: but reading here.. I may now actually hack up a pair of old Skis I have here!!!
: LOVE it.... keep up the faith.. its always been ther :)
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