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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: they are not real rollerskates, i donno what is this, they looks cool but tye dont have a rweal roller skateboardlike trucks. I donno how do they turn.

I would say they don't turn at all and classify them as something in between inlines and roller skates.

: I donno, why do they have theese stoopers on aggressive models? Do they need this? LOoks stuped for an aggresive skates!

My roller skates also do have stoppers. It wasn't easy to fit them to my construction and you don't have to put them there. I personally prefer to have them there.

: Streetwise model dont have any slide plate. Vertigo and Sensei models do has them, but their shape is wrong. As far as i know the shape should be like on the inlines slide plates. And sttheese toppers looks useless.

Maybe Lisa (who builds those skates) can answer your questions. She isn't seen very often on the forum here, but has a forum on her own site and contact information should also be there.

: they looks better, but they looks like handmade, and why do they has leather belts on front?

It is for the same reason that I put some plastic in front. Your boot lives longer this way. Vert skaters sometimes bail and then slide down the ramp on their knee pads. It can be very abrasive to the boot front.

: And why dont u use rgular inline aggresive wheels with square profile?

Too narrow and the diameter is also a litte small. Maybe they work for your purpose.
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