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: : Is there any sites about it? I wonna find an owesome street video, to show it here in Russia, we have got a good inliners u know. But every body still thik thet rollerskates are for kids =(
: : I wont to show them that its cool too!
: :

We have videos at

: : *And do they use a regular skateboard trucks (isnt too large?)?

Most use trucks in the 3 inch wide (freestyle) to 5 inch wide (typical skateboard truck width) range. A few go crazy and use the really wide ones.

: : *What about using a boot of a modern inline aggresive skates? Or cool loking sk8board shoes? To make skates look COOL! (This will help to populate sport)

As long as they fit good and snug they'll work.

: : *And why 99% of riders prefere inlines?
: :

Actually vert skating started with roller skates. Ramp riding started in the 70's with skateboarders in California who would ride in empty bowl shaped swimming pools. Some were also roller skaters so they started also riding on their skates. It wasn't until the 80's that anyone started riding vert on inlines. Inlines just happened to get popular as the last roller skating craze was winding down so that's why you see mostly inline vert today, but rollerskates are making a comeback.
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