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Put the skates on after 14 years
You have all inspired me to get back on my rollerskates. I went to my garage and pulled out my skates that are 14 years old. I tried inlineskating after 2 1/2 years and not doing vert for over five. I had the skill, but my feet killed and my body could not deal. Today I got on my rollerskates. I guess my feet got bigger because they were so tight. These things are thrashed. If was really hard to turn at first. With inline you just lean, but with rollerskates you have to apply a lot of body weight on the skates to turn. After about five minutes, I was doing pretty well. I felt like I had at least 50% of my skill back and it felt great. I love the speed and stability of skates. But, after about 15 minutes, my legs felt like rubber. I had no problem skating, but felt like my legs would give out and I would fall on my ass. For those of you that went many years with out rollerskating, how long did it take to get your legs back and have the pain go away? I could basically go about four blocks, which was the same thing with my inlines. I did find that other muscles hurt. My legs are still shaky. I am wondering if I can buy new boots for what I already have or do I need to buy a pair of skates? I am also wondering if I should try to build a pair with wide trucks? I tried them about twenty years ago and did not like them, but since I am re training myself, do you think it might be worth getting used to wider trucks? Since I have done inline skating for so many years, I am used to keeping my feet really close together. Should I just try to get used to what I used to do or retrain myself with the wider trucks? Anyone have suggestions on how to find new skates? I will need to try them on and there are not many retail shops out there. I always liked the speed skates with whimpy trucks, but it would be fun to grind. Any suggestions? It felt so good to be back on my skates. I think if I could get the muscles used to it, then I would probably be better on vert than on the street. Check out these amazing skates of mine. lol


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