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Day number two
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the advice. I set a goal of skating for twenty minutes today. It was awesome. I really enjoy rollerskating over blading. At first my feet killed, but after awhile they were ok. I stayed in a small area and did some sprints and retrained myself to stop backwards. I was doing pretty well. The crossovers felt weird at first, but I got the hang of it. It almost felt familiar, but my shins and calves were killing me after fifteen minutes. I stuck to my goal and got a better work out than going to the gym. It felt pretty natural. I would guess that I was novice today. My legs felt like jello after awhile and stumbled a bit, but liked the progression. If felt good to sprint and stop real fast. I used to go down hills at 30 mpgs and jump on my toe stops to stop. Today, I could not do it past about 5mpgs. I will just do it everyday and see where it leads me. My goal is to hit the skatepark as soon as I feel comfortable. I think getting used to skating will be harder than doing tricks. Man, this is great!


: Hi Rob,
: I'll tackle some of the questions and leave the rest for the other old farts. (Hey, the Old Farts Vert Rollerskating Club. Sounds good.)
: Your boots may stretch a little bit with use so you can get a few more miles with them. Yes you can get your plates remounted on a new set of boots. Check out the pro shops of roller rinks in your area. With the recent upsurge in jamskating low cut speed boots are very popular. Probably best to replace the cushions and pivot cups after all these years. Rubber dries out and cracks with age. Are those Sure-Grip Magnum plates?
: The question of wider trucks I'll leave up to you. I'd say stay with what you've got for a while till your legs are back in the groove. It takes 3 or 4 sessions to feel normal on your skates again. Spend your time doing drills (crossovers, mohawk turns, skating backwards, etc.) to get the various muscles back in gear. Long distance work just makes your legs rubbery and really doesn't contribute much to skill. The moves will all come back to you.
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