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Finally hit the vert
Well, here is a quick update. I could not skate yesterday because my legs were too sore. I watched an old video of my skating and realized what I was doing wrong. I skated today and it was amazing! I did not do any tricks, but dropped in on the big combo pool. I was able to keep going and carve the entire bowl. I was so used to ramps and big transitions and just doing a trick on each wall. This park does not give you that opportunity. It is all about carving and it was a bit strange for me. I completely exceeded my expections today and had such an amazing time. I remembered to put my right foot forward and shift the weight. I only fell twice and feel so good. I would guess in six weeks I will have my tricks back. I tried one plate trick and bailed, but I think it was because I was scared. Soon I will conquer this place. I live about a half hour from three different skateparks and most are free. The U.S. has come such a long way with supporting skating. I remember going to Europe 14 Years ago and was so envious of all the the skateparks. Now, we have them everythere. I am so addicted again and will not stop again.


: Congratulations for hitting the wall again!
: You shouldn't be discouraged by you muscled not holding up (yet). You put quite a lot of strain on your thighs when pushing. And you can't really train your muscles by anything else in the right way. It helps to do street skating and other sports, of course, but each activity requires some special muscles. So be patient and persistent and try to skate a ramp several times a week and you soon will notice the improvement.
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