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Finally hit the vert
Yippee! Very kinda makes it fun...I relate it to riding a wild rodeo bull, when it gets slightly out of control. I can suggest a mini-half. Less intimidating to drop in and flat consistent walls to pump on and if you bail, easy to get out of. Psyched to hear you're back on the ramp. Skating twice a week would be great, if ya can.
Keep us'll be upta your old tricks in no time!

: Well, after forteen years of not getting on my quads and doing a little street skating a few months ago, I finally hit a skatepark today. I sucked! It was like the first time I ever skated vert. I got better after a while, but did absolutely no tricks and could barely go wall to wall. I was able to drop in on the smaller walls, but my legs were like jello. The last time I skated vert was about 8 years ago on my inlines. How long did it take for all of you to get to feeling somewhat comfortable? I think just going from inline to quad is so hard after all of these years, but once I get the basics down, I think the tricks will come back reasonably quick. I skated for only an hour and I ache! I think starting out on a halfpipe would have been easier. I was stuck skating a combo pool and did I say that I sucked!
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