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Knee Pads
Best pads, worth the dough at $165/pr. Custom-sized to fit you.
Scabs are great over your gaskets, get recaps and put them on right away before the orig caps get ripped off the rivets. $60/pr

: Hi all,
: I just had my third day at the park. It seems I can only last an hour or a bit more. Back in the day, I would slam so hard and today I fell about four times. This really makes me feel my age. Most of my falls were tame, but I was carving this f'n small wall that let into no coping and it was a roll in. I flew and landed all weird. I was so lucky not to break my shoulder. I got up feeling lucky and loving it. I am wearing Pro Design from about 17 years ago. They are great, but I have to wear knee gaskets to keep them on. My legs are so constricted. I need some freedom, but don't want my knee pads to fall off. Any suggestions? I hear the new knee pads are designed so they don't slide off. Is that true? I met a guy that showed me his Bones and they have a left and a right. Being older, I want more protection, but I can barely move. I am killing my body with these tight pads. I did get to use ,my crashpads tonight and they did pretty good. I slammed hard and If I did not have them I would be a wreck. I totally screwed myself because I am used to big ramps with a lot of flat and huge transitions. This park is all about fast transitions and steep ones. I am not used to carving and finding a spot. I did not tricks today again, but I got way more aggressive. This park is made for very fast aggro skaters. It is not a back and forth trick park. The little local kids kind of got on my nerves, but I kept my mouth shut because this is their time. I did drop in on them a couple of times just to show my dominence. lol This park reminds me of Upland Skatepark. It is not nearly as hard, but has the steep transitions. I seriously think this park is made for skateboarders, but I am sure so many of you can rip it up. This is not a a great place to learn again, but what does not kill you, makes you stronger. Who wants to visit?
: Robert
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