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Nelo (pictures by Nelo)
Knee Pads
Hi Robert:

The photo you have posted (the one with the guy flying over a cannion, in a red bowl) reminds me of a skatepark in Spain located in Alcobendas (Madrid). Where is it from?

Another thing about kneepads. I would like to tell you MY experience. For me, the best knee protection is given by Pro Designed (I don't know any other kneepad that offers such a thick foam), but it has two main problems: maniobravility and slippery. I ride a pair of PD Pyramid kneepads (because I think they protect me the best), but I have had to "prepare" them. I mean, to avoid slippery, I use to put a velcro strap with a buckle at the bottom of the pad, so they don't move anything on back and forward fallings. For the second problem, maniobravility, I bought them in custom size; it allows me not to wear knee gasket so I gain movement. Besides, I store them tighted with the velcro strap round the kneepad, so it adopts a rounded form that fits the curve of your knee perfectly, because PD foam is originally flat and it is always trying to recover its original form. It also helps you move easily.

Other kneepads offer great freedom but, as far as I've seen, they have a lack of protection on the patella (kneecap), or in both lateral sides of the knee, or they have a little foam in the middle of the pad, or the foam is too hard. Nevertheless, I don't recomend PD if you place maniobravility over protection, because Boneless, Scabs, Pro-Tec, Pain Chaters, TSG and others allow a lot more of movement. However, these brands offer pads with a superb quality and protecction, and there are some very good ones you could buy.

Another advise I'd like to tell is that recaps rounded at both sides are better to avoid the problem that Irene has told. I use TSG recaps, but there are some out there (including Pro Designed BMX recaps).

This is just MY opinion. ;-)
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