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I just checked out Brian and Irene and they are awesome. I wonder how many parellel skaters are out there. It seems most quat vert skaters do side stance. I used to dabble in it, but like parellel. I think side stance is more similar to skateboarding, but I do what I do. It was funny hearing Brian talk about the Europeans that all went inline. I went inline for many years purely out of economics. I was a poor college student and wanted some equipment. Now I am still poor, but want to go back to my roots. lol I don't think it is possible that I will ever be one of the top skaters anymore and don't know, if I was back in the day because I never saw them. It is all about fun now and actually always was. At one point, I could have quit a great job that I worked 14-16 hours a day and moved in with some amazing aggressive inline skaters with two ramps in their backyards. I thought my career was too important and regreat that decision a bit. But, you can't have any regrets in this life. It seems that lately my body aches everyday, but I need to skate and hope my body will adjust. The only thing I want is to be able to do the same runs I did many years ago. I could never pull airs. I don't understand it, but I could only get two feet out and always got out of control. I was into lip tricks and flips. I competed in a few inline contests and although I got first once, I always seemed to get 3rd because I could not do airs. It's all good. I just want to skate and pay the bills and not get hurt. Life is simple once you hit I have a few days to go and then I am officially an old man.

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