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: I just checked out Brian and Irene and they are awesome. I wonder how many parellel skaters are out there. It seems most quat vert skaters do side stance.

I think this depends on where you are. I would also say that sidestance is the dominant style in the US. But in Europe, I always perceived parallel skating as the dominant style. There were some really good sidestance skaters here as well (Holger Sander, the Languth Twins, Bo Elsbol to name just a few), but parallel was what most roller skaters here did. I think the skateboarders also liked sidestance more because it looked more like skateboarding. This wasn't important to me (I always believed that we should develop the specific potential of roller skating rather than just imitate skateboarding) although I always felt that roller skating here in Europe was culturally nearer to skateboarding than to inline skating. Maybe this was because inline skating never had a real chance to develop its culture and was too much driven by the commercial hype.

: I used to dabble in it, but like parellel. I think side stance is more similar to skateboarding, but I do what I do.

That's the right attitude!

: It was funny hearing Brian talk about the Europeans that all went inline.

Not all, but most of them. Holger Sander being the notable exception. And also some spanish roller skaters. And Jay Tubbs. And ...

: I went inline for many years purely out of economics. I was a poor college student and wanted some equipment.

I think that's also what got lots of roller skaters to switch to inline. They finally could get some money for their exceptional skill. I can completely understand that and it is quite well possible that I would have done the soame, if I had been a good skater.

: It seems that lately my body aches everyday, but I need to skate and hope my body will adjust.

I'm sure that your body will adjust. Just keep on skating regularly and don't push it too hard.

: Life is simple once you hit I have a few days to go and then I am officially an old man.

LOL. Welcome to the old farts club!

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