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Nice to see all of you
Nice to hear some knews for you. Recover smoothly!! One of my friends also "detached" some tendons from his elbow from a BMX crash in a vert: he could recover quite fast and ride again. Nevertheless some recent studies pointed out that mental training enables improving both mental/physical coordination skills. I tried it, and it works!!!!


: Hi all,
: This forum had been pretty quiet for quite sometime. Let me just say that this forum is the reason I started vert skating again. It took a few months, but I was hitting the skatepark. The new terrain and steep transitions were quite hard. As I said in another post, I fell and shattered my elbow. It has been three weeks and I hope to be back in three weeks. Before I hurt myself, I ordered some vert skates from rollergirl. I have them now and they are awesome. This will be the first skate that I have ever had with wide trucks and a grind bar. I am so excited to grind. I am sure it will take a lot of getting used to. Three weeks ago was the first serious injury that I have ever had skating. The pain was pretty bad, but tolerable, but the f'n cost is not. By the time this is over, it will cost me about $4000. That hurts way more than my elbow. I must say that I am still on the pain meds and sleeping very well these days. I am attaching a pretty cool pic. I have some awesome pics of my hand puffed up like a ballon and crazy bruising. I chipped a huge piece of bone that had to be surgically attached. These are my war wounds. Let me tell you that the few weeks I was skating made me feel alive again. I can't afford to get hurt again, but I will be skating soon.
: Robert
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