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: : Great!!! You have both the same plywood/aluminium plates and nearly the same teflon grinder: was it the same guy who made them?
: I think that the idea to use teflon to make grinders is from nelo but each one of us make themselves. I like that kind of grinder because you make them as you like, you can put one (like memba) or two , they don't weight too much and slides quite well.
I tried also teflon, but when the copping is hot (when you can't sit on it), I found them sticky: so now I make them with steel!!!!! super fast and nice noise, but yes more heavy....

: : Do you know Mr inside??? He posted a message on his downhill setup on rollerquad and he knows the team from Madrid
: Yesterday i was skating with him in retiro's park but, what's the team your're talking about?
Well, you are at least 2 from Madrid and you were several on the nice video: that's a good start for making a team!!!! ;-)
I was in Champigny yesterday, the vert is still up, waiting for you!!!!!

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