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Spanish quader?
Hi Nelo!!!! Do you not yet which week you will be in Lyon?? Maybe I will be able to go there at the same time??
Let's grind and polish those rusty copings

: Hey guys!!
: My arm is free again!! I hope I'll be ridding verts again with my friends (what's up guys!!) in Lyon next eastern holidays.
: The grinders are made of polietileno. The problem with Teflon is that it has a very low coefficient of friction that makes it (for me) very nervous in slides. I personaly prefer a slower plastic. I do long slides with polietileno and it allows you a good control.
: Perhaps teflon could work for rusty copings or concrete curbs, but I don't know if a little wax (very little, please) could be better.
: Thank you very much for your good feelings!!
: Let's rip the verts!
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