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This is so interesting. Because all of us live in different parts of the world, I am sure we grew up skating with a totally different perception. When I was about 12 years old, we all competed along side the skateboarders in a competition called ASPO. I was very young so never really got into the scene. I wonder, if I am like most of you. I rarely ever had a quad skater to skate with. I always skated with skateboarders and I was just something different. It was always cool and they always treated me well, but I never really got to hang out with quad skaters. I did the inline thing for a few years and met many of them, but it was not the same. It would be so cool if we could all piece together our past and put it into some sort of history book. I have skated with legends and at one time might have been one from where I stand. When you are doing tricks that have never been seen, then you are sort of an innovator. Now I look at these amazing skaters that would have tought me so much. I was never that good. I don't know the timeline and where I stand, but I skated in 1978 and was doing pretty darn good. I now see guys and gals that were and are amazing. The internet makes the world smaller. lol I never really was involved in the skate scene, but have skated with the best. I am wondering if I was part of history and never knew it. I have some awesome memories and nobody I know will ever understand. It is hard being part of something you can't share with your friends, but now this site gives me those years of frustration. lol

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: What's become of Friedel and Reto Matter?
: BTW: Very nice picture! Great composition, perspective and timing.
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