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It's quite similar with me. No other roller skaters around when I started, only it wasn't called quad skating but just roller skating. Or vertical roller skating when a half pipe was involved. However, at times there have been some young folk in Emmendingen near Freiburg who have been roller skating. Then in Buchheim. In both places there isn't a ramp any more. :-( And most of those guys aren't skating any more. Well some skateboarders are. And one roller skater, too, when I let him use my skates. I'm still hoping that he throws together a pair of skates. He talks about it since many years.

So yes, most of the time I have been hanging with the skateboarders and also with the local BMX riders. I never connected as closely with the inline skater, though I tried. They often seem to feel superior to roller skaters, having the newer device. I had a pair of inlines when most of them didn't even know that something like that even existed!

: I skated in 1978 and was doing pretty darn good.

Wow. That's at least six years earlier than me.

I think the book idea is a great one. I surely involves a lot of work, though!
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