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Thanks to Bernhard
Thank you bro! Your site is awesome and reading all of the forums and seeing all of the pics makes me very happy. I wish that I could have skated with all of you in my prime. I have always been the lone quad skater and skated with boarders. I did skate with other quad skaters many years ago in competition, but I was 12 years old and never really got to experience it the way I would now. I did get to see Fred Blood skate, but I was very young. I had a few friends that I skated with, but moved to Texas. My only role model was Paul Votava. He was so agressive and amazing. There was a guy named Jamie Ide out of Pipeline Skatepark that was the best skater I ever saw in person. I see from this site that there are and were better skaters, but I never had the opportunity to skate with them. I recently started skating again and it was awesome until I broke my elbow. After six weeks, I am still in a lot of pain and can't use my arm at all. I am hoping to get back into skating soon, but am scared to get hurt because I have to pay the bills. Getting older sucks!I hope to skate with some of the people on this site soon. It is very hard to progress, when you are the only quad skater and just trying new tricks that you have never seen. Anyway, Thanks Bernhard for having an awesome site.
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