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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Thanks to Bernhard
Robert, you make me blush.

This site is what it is because all of you who contribute tp it. I would never have thought that it would become what it is now when I did my very first web page on how to build a vertical roller skate back in 1999. I had some spare web space and it was the best thing I could think of. As far as I could see there wasn't anything like that on the web and the other stuff I could possible write something about had already adequately been covered. I knew of no other roller skater still skating and I thought that maybe someone would be interested in building such a pair of skates. Little did I suspect that I would attract people like Brian Wainwright, who found this site and contacted me. He also encouraged me to start this forum (I has already used the software for another site, One of the first persons to stop by was Rollergirl of Canada. The strange thing was, that this site attracted mainly people who had once been (or still are) roller skating. The community grew and some people aren't feeling that isolated any more. It's the biggest reward you can get from operating such a web site! And the creative ideas of the people on this forum let to further improvements of the site: I think it was Brian, who wanted to be able to attach pictures to a posting. Irene wanted to be able to retrieve those pics from the depth of the forum. This let to the image browser. Some people started posting YouTube links. This let to the video browser. A lot of work behind the scene had to be done, to keep the spammers at bay. They are relatively quiet at the moment, but one never knows ...

I am curious how this site will develop further and I hope that the world-wide community of vertical roller skaters will continue to prosper.

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