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Lola (videos by Lola)
so many people !!!!
Hi to all!

What a surprise to find Marcos here!

About your question, Marcos, I have 2 videos uploaded in YouTube. One is that yours, and the other one is an old TV report about Madrid rollers in the 80ís. It contains a few scenes filmed in the Sindical bowl, but the biggest part is about street roller skating (because of that I did not linked it before to this forum). But anyway, maybe you would like to see it:

Sorry for the bad quality of the images.

If what you meant was if I have more reports recorded from Radical, yes I have. But they are all about spanish snowboarders, skaters, flatlanders..., nothing more about roller skating.

Well, I must turn back to work. Really good to know about you Marcos, and regards to all the people of this forum!


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