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marcos longares
so many people !!!!
Well, here I am living in Barcelona and not skating at all, snowboarding and surfing keep me busy enough for now...BUT, I still have both bags ready, my rollerskates and pads in one bag and my inline skates in another bag ready to roll.

That day is going to come I know..

Lola, thanks for sharing that other video, I can t believe it is also me in the quick scenes in Parque sindical.

Parque sindical is the place I learnt to skate, I has a big bowl, 3 meters transition and no vert, with a big channel.

I ve seen many pros there, In skateboard, hosoi and Caballero did in 89 the biggest airs I ve ever seen, Gator did a Mctwist and during a long time, Brain Wainwright ripped it as if it was his home.
It is probably one of the most difficult places where to skate, no coping, no vert, almost no flat, a long transition and a very rough surface...

: First, what's up Marcos!! It's been a long time since we don't know anything about you. I'm glad you are still there.
: As you can see in the forum, we are still skating, so if you ever want to come to ride with us (we use to do it in Lyon), just let us know. You know we are going to tell you to put your rollerskates on again!! ;-)
: Second, answering Bernhard, those bowls are still opened to public, but their surface is really spoilt. I have heard something regarding a project to renew them, but as far as I know, they are in really bad conditions for rolling them. As a matter of fact, in Winter, they use to be flooded.
: If you want to see a map and some photos, check this link:
: and look for "Parque Sindical. C.D. Puerta de Hierro. Madrid" in "lugares", just in the left frame.
: I also would like to send you a night action photo in Lyon. As some of you must know, in Spain there is a tradition of going outside at night in a procession on Eastern Holidays. Well, we had our own "procession" in Lyon's gathering.
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