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Broken elbow healing
Hi all,

It has been so long for my elbow to heal. I had to wait several months, but I finally moved. I did a lot of lifting and my elbow held up great. I have been getting shooting pains though out my arm, but I think my elbow is finally ready for some skating. I just moved in with a roommate to reduce my costs and I live about a mile from a pretty nice public park. I stopped by three weeks ago and the bowl looked really good. I have not skated in four months and only had skated for a few months, when I broke my elbow. I skated inline till about eight years ago and then a while back I got on my quads. I was doing great till I broke my elbow doing a nothing trick. It's amazing how we can do flips and twists and crazy shit and then break something doing a footplant. This has been the worst injury of my life and cost me a lot of money and almost cost me my job. Now, I have a pair of custom skates waiting for me. I hate to say it, but where I live, it is embarrassing to rollerskate on the street. I am going to go to a park with a path and get used to my skates. Then, after I am comfortable, I will hit the skatepark. My new skates have wide trucks and an awesome plate that is about 1 inch from the wheels. I can't wait to grind and do some plate slides. I almost think I am better off doing flips because there is no way I will land on my elbow. Anyway, I will keep you posted. Oh, by the way...I was commenting to my new female roommate that there is a little dog next door that barks to much. She informed me that the people next door were not from here and were professional rollerbladers. I have no idea if they are hockey players or vert skaters, but I will find out. I hope they skate vert and I won't mind their dog. : ) Also, I had a friend take an old VHS tape of mine and make it a streaming video. As soon as I get it, then I will post it, if it is compatible. The tricks are really good, but lacking airs and grinds. It seems I could only do flips and other tricks like layback airs. I can't wait to get some feedback. If I could do airs and grinds, then, at the time, I would have been pretty good. I miss skating, but I will only give one more broken bone before I quit. I have bills to pay and I am old. I hope my next door neighbors skate vert and I will be in heaven. All the young people at work make fun of me because I rollerskate. I don't care because they don't understand, but it would be nice to have some skate partners. I will keep you posted. I want to skate tomorrow, but now I have to get used to vertical skates. I have never skated on wide trucks and a huge grind plate. Rollergirl hooked me up and I have not talked to her since, but I better say hello because she is awesome.


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