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Nelo (pictures by Nelo)
Broken elbow healing
Just get used to your vert rollerskates on flat first. Try to go fast (both forward and fakie) and make spins (180 and 360's, also forward and fakie). When you master those, then hit a skatepark. As Zorg said (hello, Loic), it'd be better if you could rollerskate on wood wide ramps; they absorb pretty much the impacts. Learn first how to fall properly (sliding with your kneepads and elbow pads in forward and fakie fallings, mainly, but also you'd like to use wristwards or hand sliders). A helmet helps a lot. It's also important that your arms are capable of lift your own weight (so in a forward falling your hands can avoid hitting your face in the ground because of the body's inertia).

After that, you only have to be prudent and wise, and practice a lot. And rip the damn skatepark as there is no tomorrow!! (just kidding).

I think that your work mates are trying to convince themselves that is worth to live a gray sedentary life as theirs.

Have fun!

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